Pipe Bending


GBM Components can cut, bend, weld, puncture half-finished pipes and iron rods, in steel and aluminum, ON CUSTOMER’S DESIGN.


GBM Components offers TIG, MIG and quick and precise soldering with complex processing on various types of metals. This creates an economy of scale which enhances the product with no additional costs.


Consulting and Design

Choosing GBM Components means to rely on a solution oriented team, as well as relying on a great technical-productive skill. Our group has a strong experience even in outsourcing.



Our micropercussion marking is a precision processing, well defined even in the smallest details, with long lasting and reliable results.



Thanks to our drills we make high precision punctures at variable scales. We also perform pipe tapering at different diameters and sections.


Packing and Storage

All packages guarantee total safety during transportation. Hey are checked and can be racked anytime.

Transportation and Delivery

We deliver upon request


Contact us for a quote.


Fields of Application

Choosing GBM Components means to rely on a high skilled team to find the best cost effective solution for a customer, a high technical-productive capacity and a great group that, also thanks to a well tested outsourced team, has a great experience in the field.